Choose the right dress for your body shape

At House of Troy, we have a dress to suit every body shape! Whether you are an apple, pear or hourglass shape, we have a style that will suit you. With over 1000 dresses to choose from, our dresses come in all different shapes, patterns, colours and fabrics. 

It might seem hard to choose for your body shape but that’s why our 24 hour team is here to answer your questions on live chat - just click the box in the bottom right corner. But this blog will also give you some good guidelines.

Every body shape is different and you therefore need to learn which shape you are and how to compliment it. Once you know the dress style that suits you best, shopping becomes so much easier!

Pair Shape

Description: Your hips are wider than your shoulders.

What looks great on you: Fitted and flared dresses look best on a pair shaped body. They will show off your petite shoulders, and the extra flare on the bottom will accentuate your curves. A flared dress will draw attention to your curves in all the right places.

Taylor Blush Dress

Inverted Triangle

Description: Your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips.

What looks great on you: Fitter dresses with thicker straps or dresses with long sleeves or small sleeves look best on you. Voluminous skirts will also help to bring out an hourglass shape and thin your shoulders.

Caroline Pattern Gown


Description: Your shoulders, waist and hips are roughly the same size.

What looks great on you: Peplum and ruffled hemlines look great on you and lots of embellishments. Belt and detailing that draw attention to your centre will help to create the illusions of more curves.

Lovina Gown

Bejewled Belt 


Description: You have broad shoulders, a full waist and thinner legs.

What looks great on you: Full skirts, detachable skirts and plain bodices look best on you. You don’t want to over do it on the top but rather draw attention to your lower half, creating a fuller look.

1702 Gold Gown


Description: Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and you have a smaller, more defined waist.

What looks great on you: You will look good in anything that defines your waist. Choose from any bandage dress, fitted dress and add a belt that will draw attention to your waist. Off the shoulder straps also work well on your body shape. Body con and bandage dresses are also a must.

Salina Dress