Trending Bridesmaid Designs

House of Troy stocks some of the biggest formal dress labels including Portia & Scarlett and Alamour the Label. Over the past few months we have been tracking the most popular bridesmaid design trends and we want to share our findings with you to help you pick the perfect style for your girls.

Every month we are seeing more and more amazing evening dresses that are also trending as bridesmaid dresses. Brides don’t want the norm anymore. Each bride is different and she wants her day to be perfect and for her ladies in waiting to look their very best - this is YOUR day after all!

Off the Shoulder Dresses

Spanish style off the shoulder designs are very in fashion at the moment. Many labels are bringing out formal off the shoulder dresses now and customers are loving it. Draping shoulders or a straight cut, there are so many options.

Short Dresses

Short bridesmaid dresses definitely make the bride stand out more. Most people think of short dresses as being informal but we have seen some very elegant short dresses. Alamour the label has some fabulous short dresses.

Casual Designs

We are seeing more and more low-key weddings, from beach weddings, farm weddings and boat weddings. Usually the bride wants something informal to go with her theme so that people feel comfortable. Brides are now allowing their bridesmaids to choose their own dresses and designs for a more individual feel.

Mix and Match Colours

Allowing each bridesmaid to choose her own colour adds a certain flare to the wedding and the photos. Sometimes the bride chooses a rainbow or a gradient of colours. This can look quite elegant and fun. This is usually better for a day time wedding. Portia & Scarlett stocks a beautiful collections of colourful gowns.